story time

5 Guys 1 Truck

So just to prove that not all my posts are doom and gloom I’m going to tell you an entertaining story. Well at least I find it entertaining, if you don’t then it’s your own fault for not being there. Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before I’m in the State Emergency Service and one of our most common jobs is tree on road, which we got last night at 1 in the morning. So I drag my butt up to the unit we get in the truck and drive up into the hills of Adelaide to battle our foe with the foliage. I think it was a combination of a full moon making everyone crazy and the fact that we were all at that point of sleep deprivation that everything became funny but it was the most entertaining drive I’ve been on in ages. On the way we nearly hit a were-kangaroo (because any animal you see at a full moon is obviously a were-whatever) and we laughed about that for a while because of course the Twilight jokes had started by then. Then our Unit Manager revealed he was a massive South Park fan after I inadvertently quoted a line from it when I said gingers get a freckle for every soul they steal (just some random thing I saw on the internet) and from there the conversation ranged from why one of our guys should get a cappuccino machine in his ute to glory holes and why we have one in our bathroom at the unit (not really but work with me here). Anyway it was a hilarious trip that made me feel 1000 times better. Oh and we chopped up the tree as well.