Going Down

Fuck this hot weather, I can feel it draining me out, and with it my ability to not be a depressed misery guts. You would think that given I spent a good portion of my life living near some of Australia’s biggest deserts I could handle the heat, but you would be wrong. It saps my strength and leaves me tired and cranky, assuming I’m lucky. If I’m not then I get all that plus I can’t cope with life because I don’t have the will, so I end up a depressed and feeling like shit simply because I’m too tired from not sleeping from not sleeping for days on end and can’t handle any of it. I really need to move to Iceland or something. Anyone know where I can learn Icelandic? Because its as hot as Satan’s arse after a curry here.


One comment

  1. YES!!! I agree. Mind you, living in Melbourne has made me soft: when we moved here from warmer climes, we didn’t think we’d need aircon … more fool us!
    The heat makes me much more depressed because you can’t get away from it; it’s all around you and, like you said, it saps your energy.
    I used the last of my sleeping tablets last night so am not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight. Almost makes me wish I still drank alcohol! Nah, not quite đŸ™‚

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